Say goodbye to the sales circus.

The framework for running a successful sales program: people, pipeline, and pitch

Our Experience

Most companies deal with three core problems

  1. Sales Pipeline Health (Quality, Quantity, and Velocity)

  2. Win Rate, Deal Size, and Customer Lifetime Value

  3. Sales Talent Sourcing, Development, and Retention

The Root Cause:

No Sales Operating Framework

It's not for lack of resources that sales is broken


U.S. firms today spend nearly a trillion dollars annually on the deployment of professional sales organizations and systems. This is over 3x total advertising spend.

Yet talent is underperforming

  • 61%

    of executives admit their sales managers have not been adequately trained.

  • 52%

    of sales account leads
    miss their quotas.

  • 80%

    of Fortune 100s fail to meet their yearly sales projections due to inaccurate forecasting, unexpected complications, or loss of key account representatives.

Talent is like dust in the wind

While the average Account Executive takes 4.5 months to ramp up, they will only be with your team for 27 months.

The Status Quo

The standard responses will not transform your program:

  • Regular Sales 1:1s

  • Hunters & Farmers

  • Hands-on Executive Attention

  • E-learning / Off the Shelf Tools

  • Fancy Dashboards & Technology

  • Finding a Rockstar Sales Manager

The Delta

  • Increase new customer adoption and lifetime value

  • Have a simple, scalable process for a healthy pipeline

  • Lift your team a letter grade in quality

with a custom-built comprehensive sales operating framework.

Upgrade your sales system in under 12 weeks

  1. Assessment of your sales program

  2. Kickoff with Sales Architect

  3. Customization of your Sales OS Blueprint

  4. Build and Deployment of Solution

The makeup of a Sales Operating Framework

  • Pipeline Manager

    A system ensuring pipeline health so quotas and further targets are met consistently

  • Talent Manager

    System for finding, hiring & retaining top sales talent for breakthrough growth

  • Profit Manager

    Simple, modern selling framework that both reps and leadership will love

  • Communication Manager

    New sticky, market-relevant narrative for your offering

How we do it

Our approach takes advantage of decades of direct sales experience for the world’s most elite brands.